Memories of Jason

In The Words of Jason Patrick Gould
As I pondered what words would best describe my son Jason, I remembered these words he wrote on Thanksgiving Day 2005…..

“What I’m thankful for:
My strong faith in God and Jesus Christ
My cord blood donor from Spain who gave me another chance at life
My wife Dawn
My mom Sandy, my dad Roger, my brother Jeff and my sister Jenni and their families
My grandparents and Uncle John
My extended family
My mother-in-law, Sharon
My friends Todd, Matt & Mike and their families
My friends from the old days
My friends from school
All those who prayed and thought of me during tough times
My pusses, A.J., Tabitha, and Molly
My health and waking up everyday
My doctors and nurses at Loyola Medical Center
My career working with students
The sun shining, the green grass and the blue sky
A comfortable house and food on the table
My sense of humor
My brain
This earth and the beauty it has
Montana and its majestic quality
All the animals of the earth that provide enjoyment to watch and study
Those who have passed and shared their wisdom and insight with me
And made me a better person, Grandpa Lip, Larry Trube, Karen Black
My ability to give back and help others
This Thanksgiving Day “

I think the last sentence sums up the purpose of this event and why Jason would be so thrilled to be a part of this. We have the ABILITY TO GIVE BACK AND HELP OTHERS…because we can.