Tributes and Memorials
  • Tree at Eastview Elementary School
  • Tree at Wheeler Park in Geneva
  • Tree at Yellowstone National Park
  • Kaneland High School Scholarship
  • American Eagle Foundation
  • Fox Valley Wildlife Center
Jason was a true nature lover. He appreciated and treasured all of nature's beauty, the animals, the mountains, the trees and especially loved our national and state parks. One of Jason's favorite things in life was fishing for trout in the White River in Arkansas with his Grandpa Lipscomb. Jas requested that some of his ashes be placed in the White River. His family and friends drove down to Arkansas and fulfilled Jason's wished. It was a beautiful April day and we all treked down to the river's edge and silently watched our kindred spirit as he symbolically left us for awhile. Flocks of birds flew overhead as if to welcome him home.

Tree AT Eastview Elementary School

Jason's tree at Eastview Elementary School in Oswego is a flowering dogwood depicting the blooming of the mind and each spring, it's beautiful flowers will remind us of the spirit of Jason who found his true calling in teaching! He loved teaching, it was his passion. I recently found a paper on his computer titled "Philosophy of Teaching". It truly brought tears to my eyes when I read the words of so gifted of a soul. He would have had a great future in education. His "kids" were so lucky to have exposure to this incredible role model, even if for just a short time. The tree is planted where Jas would of surely wanted it. It is right in front of the Oswego district office which is attached to Eastview Elementary where Jas began his teaching career as a fifth grade teacher. Stop by this spring and remember Jas!

Tree at Wheeler Park in Geneva

The Tree at Wheeler Park in Geneva, is a Blazing Autumn Maple, planted just north of the greenhouse among majestic oaks and overlooking the walking path. I walk my dogs there often and feel the presence of the spirit of Jas as I read his words on the stone under the tree, "Live for Today, Life is a Gift". We held a wonderful tree dedication this fall, the blazing autumn maple living up to it's name, in blazing red and orange splendor. We played some George Strait and John Denver then read poetry to remember Jas. I read the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmur, which was one of my dad's (Jas's Grandpa) favorite poems.

Tree at Yellowstone National Park

Jason's tree at Yellowstone was planted in memory of a young man who loved the park. It's majestic mountains, magnificant geysers and waterfalls drew him back again and again. Our family went often in his younger years and he went again and again as an adult. He and his wife, Dawn, went to Yellowstone camping with many stories to tell of their adventure. This tree was planted to help reforest the park after the great fire. Jas would be honored, I am sure, to be part of this rebirth of this cherished place in his heart and his spirit.

Kaneland Scholarship

Jason was and probably still is a teacher. He had a second sense about helping young people to reach their full potential. He wanted to make the educational experience have a real impact in their life. To create a desire for learning, he made it fun, interesting and challenging. We thought it would be a great tribute to Jas to provide an annual scholarship to a senior pursuing a career in education. We will give this recipient all of Jason's papers on his goals and philosophy so that they may get a glimpse of this unique and inspiring man. The scholarship will be given through Jason's alma mater, Kaneland High School in Maple Park, Illinois.

American Eagle Foundation

Jason loved bald eagles! Jas and his family would trek out to the Mississippi yearly in January or February to see these magnificent creatures as they gathered by the dams and open waters to get their fish dinner for the day. Jason could, without a doubt, spot an eagle like no one in the world could! He had an uncanny ability to see that tiny "golf ball" in the trees from miles away. The "golf Ball" or eagles head is how they teach you to easily find them in Alaska. It seemed appropriate to support the Eagle Foundation in Jason's name. A link to the American Eagle Foundation can be found on our links page.

Fox Valley Wildlife Center

Since Jas was such a lover of wildlife and nature, this was something I wanted to do on an annual basis, make a contribution in Jason's name. The center is privately funded and plays such an important role in rehabilitating injured wildlife in Kane county.

Donations to any of these organizations can be made to Jason's foundation.

Thank you for all of your support,
Sandy Gould - (Jas's mom)